Q. 1: What is the difference between Normal or Traditional Car Accessories & Roger-Car Techssories (Roger-Tech)?

A : Roger Car Techssories are customized solutions to increase safety, comfort, convenience, mileage, power & Styling of Cars. Roger Car Techssories are tested & certified by R & D team owning Technical & service background of 2 Decades and have won many awards in Automobile service sector.

Q. 2: Roger Car Techssories is for new cars only or is useful for old cars also?

A : Roger Car Techssories is equally useful for new cars as well as old cars also; rather it enhances the performance of old cars & refreshes them Technically.

Q. 3: How can I get few of the Technical products fitted in my car if I purchase it online?

A : Roger has Tie-ups with most of the preferred car workshops in every city across India or can Guide or assist any of your preferred car workshop to fit the product in your car.

Q. 4: Does fitting of Roger Car Techssories will hamper my company warranty?

A : Roger Car Techssories are fitted without dismantling any of the parts fitted by the O.E. As far as wiring part is concerned all the wirings are done without cutting any of the wire which means it is all socket to socket wiring, cross clipped wiring or Radio active connectivity hence none of the car manufacturer’s warranty is void.

Q. 5: If the innovative safety & comfort products sold by Roger are so good and is a necessity than why it is not fitted by car company as an O.E?

A : Similar type of Innovative Products/Techssories are either fitted in fully loaded or High-end cars as an O.E.

Q. 6: Does Roger products exactly perform according to their features and yield the mentioned benefits?A : All Roger Products before coming on shelf are practically examined by the Team of experts; the actual benefits derived are mentioned there on and not the ones written by manufacturers. Roger gives 15 days Trial on selected Technical products for you to utilize the product & match the feature benefits mentioned with the practical result derived by you. If at all you are not satisfied with the same, Roger will refund 100% of the amount paid.

Q. 7: Why should I not buy a fully loaded car fitted with all the safety & comfort Gadgets sold by Roger?

A : First of all you don’t actually need all the additional gadgets which come in fully loaded cars so you can customize your basic model car with Roger Car Techssories as per your requirement and secondly the cost of gadgets in fully loaded car comes at comparatively much higher price.
Q. 8: Do you float discount offers on festivals or on some occasions?

A : No, we never float any discounts or offers.Q. 9: Are the rates at your showroom and on websites are different?

Q. 9: Are the rates at your showroom and on websites are different?

A : No, the rates at our showrooms, Franchisee, Dealers and on our website are always same. Also we have a money back policy if you buy any of our products from any where below the specified MRP.

Q. 10: What if the Roger Car Techssories fails before the stipulated warranty period?A : In that case Roger will bear all the expense of Transportation, material cost, labour, Taxes etc. or any cost involved, precisely the Product is replaced absolutely free.

Q. 11: Is there any chance that I can get the part under warranty even after expiry of warranty period?

A : Roger on its sole discretion can provide, “Good Will” claim up till 6 Months even after expiry of warranty period.