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ACCI TOOL(Car Safety Tool)

Best Car Safety Tool in India


EMI Options Available
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ACCITOOL is a key chain type best car safety tool in India with glass breaker, seat belt cutter, and whistle. Get the best car emergency tool online.


Do you have any safety tool in your car for the emergency like situations?

Do you worry about getting trapped in your vehicle because of an accident?


We all know that car users can never be too prepared for an unexpected accident and the risk of trapped in vehicle is becoming a real concern to most safety conscious car owners. Electric windows in cars do not work once their power source is cut. When trapped in any vehicle or being trapped outside a car with a child stuck inside, to escape you need a window breaker to smash the glass and a seatbelt cutter to snap jammed seatbelt without delaying your action.

Therefore, ACCI TOOL is the essential utility tool for every car and driver. With the ACCI TOOL you will have everything you need to be prepared in an emergency. Add this tool to your car emergency supplies in the event of a life-threatening situation to keep you and your family safe. Roger ACCI TOOL is the best car emergency tool online including glass breaker, seat belt cutter, and whistle to enable quickly escape and it has a safety whistle, which helps you if you are trapped. The noise of the whistle will help attract attention and assist with getting the help you need. Few seconds can mean the difference between life and death.

Why Roger ACCI TOOL (Benefits):

Glass Breaker: This car safety tool has given a point on the front tip to break a glass. It will be helpful in an emergency (Accident) when the window is closed and you are trapped inside and you wanted to come out, at that time just use a point of tool to break the glass of the window.

Seat Belt Cutter: In emergency (Accident) situation when you are not able to unlock the seat belt and you are trapped, in such situation cutter is helpful to cut the seat belt and come out.

Whistle: In emergency situations or in a condition when you can’t shout for help at that time you can blow whistle and grab attention and can get the help you need.

Key Chain Type: This emergency car safety tool comes in a keychain type design. Thus, you can keep it with keys and in the console box so that in an emergency you can reach to it easily.

How It Works (Technicality):

This useful car safety tool is compact and very handy.

The pointed steel head of the tool is covered in plastic casing,

When you need to use this point, you just have to keep this tool on the glass surface and then push its button; the point comes out with and strikes with the glass and breaks it.

This car safety tool comes with a sharp recessed steel blade on one side of the ACCI TOOL to make it easy to use in case you are trapped in your car or seat belt gets jammed or the release button is inaccessible.

On the other end of the car safety tool, a whistle is provided.

The design is unique and it is in keychain shape so anyone can keep it with keys so it can be accessed easily in emergency situations.

How to use this Product (Method):

Roger ACCI TOOL is extremely easy to use.  The upper point is provided steel sharp point to break the glass. When you need to use this point, you just have to keep this tool’s top on glass surface and then push its button; which releases the point and with the help of coil spring it comes out forcefully and breaks the glass. To cut the seat belt, it has a sharp recessed steel blade on one side, just keep the belt between it and push the blade and belts get cut without any efforts. On the other end of the tool, a whistle is provided; just blow the whistle to use it.

This ACCI TOOL can be your best friend, when tragedy strikes, helping you in an escape from the vehicle and alert first responders to your location, so don’t close this computer or mobile window after reading it. Order this useful safety product online and you will get delivery at your doorstep within a definite time. By using such ultimate safety products you’re driving and travelling pleasure & confidence will increase several folds.

Drive Long and Drive Bindass!!

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