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NUTOPN (Impact Wrench)


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Best Impact Wrench in India

NUTOPN is the best impact wrench in India at the moment. Get the best impact wrench price in India from Roger Motors.

USAGE : NUTOPN impact wrenchis a very handy convenience tool to open deadlocked wheel nuts in an event of puncture and safeguards against injuries which could cause by wheel spanners.

Features & Benefits :

  • NUTOPN Electric Gun: Easily and effortlessly can open wheel nut
  • 350 NM Torque: Equipped with 350 NM torque and hence can easily open any wheel nut
  • Universal & Easy to Use: Operates on car 12V cigarette lighter socket.
  • The reverse and forward switch can be easily operated to open and lock wheel nuts.
  • Comfortable Grip: Special comfortable grip which makes it easy and comfortable to hold while using it
  • Led Light: Useful for changing the punctured wheel even at night

Product Specifications :

Product Name: NUTOPN Impact Wrench

Model Number: RM80W

Input Voltage: DC 12±3 V

Working Current: ≤6.6A

Rated Power: 80W

No Load Speed: 4800 RPM

Maximum Torque: 380 Nm

Output Square Shaft: 13 mm

Sockets: 1. 17mm & 19mm

2.21mm & 23mm

Mode: Forward and Reverse

Net Weight: 1.5 KG

Power Cord Length: 13 feet

Suitable Temperature: -20ºC to 60ºC

Safety Instructions :

  • Keep the NUTOPN impact wrench clean for best and safest performance.
  • Use the NUTOPN impact wrench correctly and in the manner and for the functions described in these instructions
  • Always disconnect the NUTOPN impact wrench from the power supply before changing sockets.
  • Locate NUTOPN impact wrench in a suitable work area.
  • Ensure that the vehicle’s engine is switched OFF while lifting it on jack.
  • Ensure the vehicle handbrake is applied and vehicle is in 1st gear.
  • Ensure all persons who are not involved in wheel changing operation must keep a safe distance while the vehicle is jacked up.
  • Ensure there is no one inside the vehicle which is to be jacked up.
  • Ensure that NUTOPN impact wrench is in sound condition and good working order.
  • Take action for immediate repair or replacement of damaged parts.
  • DANGER: Do not support the vehicle while it’s on jack.
  • DO NOT allow untrained persons to operate NUTOPNimpact wrench.
  • DO NOT work under the vehicle until axle stands have been correctly positioned.
  • DO NOT use the NUTOPN impact wrench for any purposes other than purpose which it is intended.

Instructions to use :

  • Park the vehicle in a safe place away from traffic
  • Connect NUTOPN’s socket to car 12V cigarette lighter socket and check if NUTOPN LED is ON to ensure uninterrupted power supply.
  • Fix the correct size socket that fits in the wheel lug nut and fit it in the Anvil.
  • Set the NUTOPN impact wrench in Reverse mode and carefully loosen the lug nut
  • Open all the nuts and remove the wheel and fit the spare wheel or repaired wheel back into place
  • Slide lug nuts onto the wheel bolts and tighten by hand until it fastened properly
  • Use NUTOPN impact wrench in Forward mode to tighten the lug nuts
  • Unplug the NUTOPN impact wrench from 12V Cigarette lighter socket and safely remove the jack the vehicle

Get the best impact wrench price in India from Roger Motors.


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