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ROGER VERP ( Virtual Engine Repowering )

Virtual Engine repowering system, programabally repowers engine and increases power from 25 To 35 BHP and Torque from 30 to 100 NM (depending on the car)


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The Best Engine RePowering System

Virtual Engine repowering system, programable repowers engine and increases power from 25 To 35 BHP and Torque from 30 to 100 NM (depending on the car)


ROGER VERP is basically Virtual Engine Repowering system that modifies the original program of the ECU that controls how engine works. ROGER VERP is the Best Engine RePowering System for cars in India from Roger Motors. All cars these days are equipped with an ECU/ECM (or Engine Control Unit/Engine Control Module) which is an electronic PCBA like that of a small computer. ECU can be considered as brain of any car as it contains a Lower Layer software program on how engine works as well as it controls and monitors all the functions of engine. Every car manufacturer sets engine parameter at certain level compatible to international standard keeping in account future engine upgradations, the different climates, different quality of fuel and certain statutory restrictions to sell same car or engine worldwide. This process is known as Engine Tuning. VERP optimizes overall performance of the car by changing the originally tuned parameters set by OE manufacturers to modified parameters by reprogramming ECU. Get the best Engine RePowering System online.

Many cars which have 2 Power options with same engine configuration are already loaded with different programs in the ECU by manufacturer. Thus, with the same engine configuration it gives different Power and Torque output in different variants. For example, a car with 1.5 Liter Diesel Engine gives 85 BHP and 200 NM Torque output in one variant and same car with same 1.5 Liter Diesel Engine gives 110 BHP and 250 NM Torque output in another variant. This is done by difference in software program of the ECU of both the variants of car. Many such cars of same engine configuration but different programming is plying on Indian roads with a difference of price ranging from 1.5 to 3 lakhs or even more.


Virtual Repowering Virtual Engine repowering system, programabally repowers engine and increases power from 25 To 35 BHP and Torque from 30 to 100 NM (depending on the car)
Increased BHP and Torque Will be very useful in abruptly overtaking other vehicles on highway
Reduces Downshift The increased Torque helps in driving the car in one high gear which helps in better fuel efficiency and joy of driving in the city traffic without frequent downshifting
Increased engine life The high gear driving invariably reduces RPM which results in increased engine life
Seamless process Repowering process doesn’t require opening or changing any mechanical engine parts
Improves Throttle response Torque and reduces response time which leads to higher pickup (achieves 0 to 100 speed in less time) and increases Fuel efficiency
Precise programming as per variable Indian climatic condition VERP improves sensitivity of various sensors by highly precise and accurate programming as per variable Indian climatic conditions and hence increase accuracy and precision of fuel mixture and ignition which leads to smooth and enhanced power delivery
Increased weight to power ratio Increases mileage, Pickup, Engine and Transmission Life.
Engine safety VERP system precisely re-programs and re-powers engine configurations within tolerance limits which are left vacant by the car manufacturers.






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